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Kids & Family Yoga classes are always filled with enjoyment, love and tenderness!

Kids Yoga benefits children significantly, and in some ways, even more than it nourishes adults. Yoga teaches children self-awareness, self-acceptance and non-competitiveness. It encourages healthy habits, improves focus and concentration, introduces calming and relaxation techniques that help kids deal with frustrating situations and supports positive mental health. Most of all, yoga teaches children about their interconnection with everything and everyone around them.

Family Yoga is a wonderful and fun way for parents and children to enjoy the physical benefits of yoga as well as the intangible gifts of acceptance, awareness, communication and concentration. It helps parents and children to communicate in a better way, while they support each other in a creative and fun way. It is a rare opportunity for both to observe each other and a great way to bridge the age difference between them. The parents get to observe the ways their children learn and how they interact in a group environment and the children get to experience their parents as learners.

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