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Classic Hatha Yoga is my favourite style of practice!

Hatha Yoga is a 5,000 years old traditional Indian art. Its name derives from the combination of the Sanskrit words «Ηa», the sun, and «Τha», the moon. The solar and lunar universal energies correspond to the physical and sentimental human energies. The scope of Hatha Yoga is to balance these two energies.


The literal meaning of Yoga is yoke and metaphorically it represents the connection of the spiritual, physical and mental levels of existence.

A classic Hatha Yoga practice session includes static body postures, breathing techniques, concentration techniques as well as deep relaxation techniques, the combination of which lead to health, harmonisation and balancing of spirit, body and mind.


Hatha Yoga practice can be beneficial to everyone, as it can be adjusted to the needs of each practitioner irrespective of their level of experience or their physical state.

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